Our Story

We’re in the

healing business

The idea for Mend Medical began with a daring objective: tackle meaningful problems, get back to the root of healthcare and reclaim the marketplace for healing. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.

As an Ambassador Enterprises affiliate, Mend Medical has access to more than capital to turn our mission into reality. We also have help from expert advisors, corporate support functions and collaboration across an entire network of affiliates. This means we have the best of both worlds: the resources of a larger equity firm combined with the benefits of a smaller company that has unique, knowledgeable experience in the marketplace.

Founded by Daryle Doden following the sale of Ambassador Steel, Ambassador Enterprises isn’t your typical private equity firm. While financial returns are essential, that isn’t the only driving force behind Ambassador’s investments — they invest to see personal growth, changed lives, community transformation and hope for a better future.

This aligns with Mend Medical’s vision for investment, with the goal of improving healthcare, our communities and the lives of individuals.

Ambassador’s other affiliates include Correct Craft, Wagner-Meinert, American Landmaster, Ambassador Supply, Diakonia, and Bookshout!.