Investment(s): 2012
Location: McKinney, TX

AssessMD™ is an adaptive mental health assessment tool that can be used by healthcare professionals to help identify potential mental health struggles including depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder and more. AssessMD is not a diagnostic tool, and should only be used by licensed healthcare professionals as part of a broader intervention and awareness plan.


Investment(s): 2014
Location: West Lafayette, IN

SpeechVive exists to improve the speech of patients with Parkinson’s disease. Their behind-the-ear device is designed to trigger the body’s natural Lombard effect, which may result in a subconscious improvement in both speech volume and clarity. The SpeechVive device is classified as a Class I, 510(k) exempt device and is registered with the FDA.

Theratome Bio

Investment(s): 2014
Location: Indianapolis, IN

Theratome Bio seeks to harness the protective and healing properties of the body’s own stem cells to transform the treatment of various diseases and conditions. Research and development efforts at Theratome Bio are focused on solutions for trans-arterial valve replacement (TAVR) and stroke.